CalcComplex is a utility app for the arithmetic of two complex numbers.

Two complex numbers are entered into the number 1 and number 2 fields. The switch labeled R|P allows for the numbers to be entered in the rectangular (cartesian) form or the polar form. In the case of polar inputs the angles are input as positive degrees from 0 to 360. Angular results are presented in the same format. Pressing one of the five function buttons then gives the input numbers in the corresponding converted polar or rectangular form. Concurrently the corresponding answer is displayed in both rectangular and polar form. For the subtraction operation the second input number is always the subtrahend; for division the second input number is always the divisor. The square root operation is the square root of the product of the two numbers entered. A switch, LoP|HiP, selects results in either two or four decimals. The choice is made and then the operation button is pressed. The conversion button accesses a screen which provides for the conversion of a complex number between the rectangular and polar forms.

Marcus Staloff, Copyright 2011.