Here are a few Palm apps available for download. Included in the disk image downloads are the application binary along with MathLib binary. The applications all have math routines that require the MathLib program to be present on the PDA. The apps run on Palm OS V3.5.

ACLoad is a utility program for the calculation of the permissable loading of a single engine, general aviation aircraft. It shows the total gross weight, loaded CG, and loaded CG graph for user inputs of fuel on board, pilot/passenger's weights, and baggage weight. New single engine aircraft models can be readily incorporated in the data base. This app is offered as a helpful tool and although it is accurate and correct, no liability to the author is recognized and user accepts any and all risk. User should verify program results with normal POH procedures for his/her aircraft.ACLoad

Horizon is a little utility which gives the horizon distance for the observer's elevation. Most people seem to think that the horizon is further away than it actually is. For instance if you had an unobstructed view to the horizon, for instance standing at the beach, for an eye level of 6 feet (not me) the sea/sky line is only 2.6 nautical miles (3.0 statute miles) away. Horizon

Hold Entry is a program which graphically shows the correct holding entry procedure to use at a holding check point. The procedure is a function of the aircraft arrival heading at the fix and whether it's a standard hold (left hand turns) on non-standard. Hold Entry

DenAlt calculates the density altitude for user inputs. DenAlt