MSWorks has seven IOS apps offered on the iTunes Store. Two are applicable to aviation, two are math related, one is of more general interest, another is astronomy related, and one is an Electrical Engineering application.

My Software apps will generally be in the areas of aviation, astronomy, and EE utilities. These will be available as either iPhone/iPodTouch apps or iPad apps on the iTunes Store.

The applications will be reflective of my background and interests in these areas. My programming efforts are a consequence of the enjoyment I take in programming in the Mac environment and my abiding interest in the fields of application.

My prime focus is in functionality and usability. I endeavor to design according to this criteria. The resulting products are therefore not so much 'eye candy' as they are useful entities that accomplish a mission in a manner that satisfies me. I cherish substance over image.

I am retired as a EE but active in aviation as a part time flight instructor (CFI). I teach flying at Free Flight Aviation located at Flying W Airport (N14) in Lumberton, NJ. This is in southern NJ and near the Greater Philadelphia, PA area.